Part 01: Strange Whispers

What does magic look like?

How can I explain this? How can you explain what water smells like? You can say that other things smell like water, but what does water smell like? Magic is like that.

No, magic doesn’t look like water, not exactly. Well, I guess sometimes it does. I’ve never really seen water, of course, but I have t’seen it, and sometimes magic does look like that.

No, actually, maybe I should say that magic looks like light. Yes, that’s a better way to describe it. Magic is like the light, like the light from the sun. I can’t tell you how often I’ve looked to the west, to stare at the source of it all, shining across the ocean like the sun. Only magic never sets.

So, like light, magic is weightless, and yet you can feel it on your skin. I’ve even felt particularly strong magic warm my face like the sunlight. And when it’s strong, really strong, you can’t think of anything else. It shows you the world, guiding your steps. It makes things happen. And it’s everywhere, everywhere except the shadows.

Yes, I have seen shadows in the magic, places that are like a hole in the fabric of the world. Except I think that the magic is there, too, only dark somehow, like dark water that hides what moves in it. Sometimes the shadows are cast by things in the world, or by things that were in the world, or will be in the world. Sometimes shadows are cast by people, good or bad. Sometimes, I think, shadows just are.

And I have seen the great Shadow, that moves in front of the face of the magic, and darkens the whole world, if only for an instant. And I have heard the strange whispers.

One Response “Part 01: Strange Whispers”

  1. Jeff Reding says:

    Very cool beginning – particularly the t’seen bit. Way cool.

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